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Are your clothes taking over your closet leaving it in shambles? Are you lost on where to begin to tidy things up and get back on track? If so, Calgary Cleaning Company have some awesomely simple steps to help you overcome the trials and tribulations of your uncooperative closet, and make it super duper tidy!

Step 1: Clear out and clean up

Begin with removing everything from your closet. Then dust and wipe all shelves, any touch surfaces and walls. Then, start sorting your items. Get rid of things you no longer use or need. Donation bins are usually at every gas station around Calgary. Make an inventory list to help you stay on track all month long. I like to put my hangers facing out. When I put away clothes I have been wearing and washing I put the hanger facing in.  Then in 3 months if there are any hangers still facing out if I haven’t worn an item or even tried it on I give it away – someone will love my item just as much as me!

Step 2: Create a Closet System

If your closet is small compared to the number of clothes you have; even after a major cleaning process! Then you might require more organization (yay).  To effectively organize your closet and keep your room from exploding, look for Closet doublers, hanging shelves and drawers and hanging shoe organizers. This really helps when looking for your favourite pair or RED PUMPS!  We at Sugar Tree Cleaning Company, a Residential cleaning Calgary, ensures maximum utilization of your closet. We offer all kinds of organizational help. We can even recommend places to find the best tools and kits!

For instance, the closet doublers do exactly what you’d think -> they double your closet space! They provide space below your clothes, so you end up having two hanging lines instead of one. TA DA!! Hanging shelves and drawers in your closet, come in handy for anyone who has a small bedroom and plenty of stuff. They help you eliminate the need for extra furniture in your room.

Step 3: Label your closet

After you are done with cleaning and sorting, the only way to ensure that you are not going back to the world of clutter and confusion; is by labeling your closet.  Residential cleaning Calgary will help you in keeping your house spotless in every way possible. Label your clothes by color, season, or simply by style. Knowing where one section begins and ends, helps create flow in your closet! Keeping you away from bad behavior and tearing apart your room/closet when you need a single item.  I like to put away my winter clothes in totes, helps keep them fresh and dust free when the first snow flakes fall!

Once you are done with three simple steps, TAKE PRIDE in your fabulously organized closet. It was ALL YOU!