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rubberglovesPet Hair

Even with all of the extensions and special attachments for the vacuum the hair never seems to go away. You may have even resorted to picking off the balls and covering the rest with a blanket.

Wet a rubber glove and run it over your furniture and soft surfaces to remove visible hair. Pet hair clings to the wet rubber and can then be rinsed off, prepping you for the next go-over.

lemonCutting board

Wooden cutting boards are the most beautiful and give that natural feeling to cooking. When used over a long time, deeper ridges are cut into the board, ridges that hold onto bacteria and chunks of food if not cleaned properly.

Use a lemon and kosher salt to rub and dislodge particles. First sprinkle the salt over the cutting board, and use half a lemon to rub the salt into the cracks, following the direction of the slits. Then wash with soap and water.


Not much beats the feeling of a powerful, evenly dispersed, warm rainfall in the morning… and it is no fun when it slowly turns into a drip pouring out the bottom of the showerhead because half the holes are clogged… plus, it means you have to get up earlier to make time to wash all the conditioner out of your hair with less water!


Fill a plastic bag with white vinegar and wrap it around your showerhead. Fasten it and leave hanging for an hour with the showerhead holes fully immersed, allowing the vinegar to clean out the build up. Once done, wipe clean and return it to its natural shine.



You may have lost most of your favourite bowl of soup to the walls of the microwave despite your best efforts with a paper towel topper. What used to be warm and creamy now more closely resembles cement.

Mix up a bowl of water and vinegar and microwave it for 2 minutes. This will loosen the caked on food and allow you to wipe it away with a cloth.


Out of sight out of mind? Wrong. You are breathing in all of that dust built up on the blinds and it could be harming your health. Not to mention it falls every time you open them, causing more to clean later.
Use an old sock! Dip one sock in a water/vinegar mixture and wipe down the individual blind slats. This will clean them and help to repel future dust from building up. Dry them with the other sock.