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If you watch TV, you know that preparing homes for sale is a super hot topic. Shows about decluttering, cleaning and home staging with furniture and accessories are extremely popular. The folks on those shows always say that the home should be “super clean” before showing but they don’t offer details on house cleaning.

Selling Your Home in Calgary can be a daunting task. Between finding a realtor, putting the house on the market, organizing showings and finding a new home to live in, cleaning is often the last thing that anyone wants to do. However, clean homes sell significantly faster than messy ones. It’s true: families want to know that they’re moving into a clean, healthy environment; not a dingy, dusty, cluttered disaster. Plus, a clean, uncluttered space makes it easier for potential buyers to picture themselves not only living in the home, but buying it, too. That’s where a professional Cleaning Company comes in.

When selling a house there are many steps you have to take in order to put the house in tip-top shape.  When you have lived in a home for a long time, it can be hard to think of everything a buyer will see and look for when they walk into a home.  Take the cleanliness factor out of the equation before an Open House or Showing.  Hire a cleaning service to make your home appealing and let the potential buyer imagine themselves in the home.

Inspections are important in the selling process.   Use every opportunity to enhance the appeal of your home.  An item that you think may need replacing before the inspection could just need a heavy-duty cleaning. Using a cleaning service regularly while your home is on the market will pay off.  But if you are on a tight budget use a cleaning service just for your Open Houses.

Most cleaning companies in offer a “move-out” service.  Once a home is empty many hidden areas suddenly are glaringly obvious.   Consider the time it would take to clean these areas and the rest of your home versus letting a service remove this pressure.  You will have many other demands on your time and energy moving a family to a new home.

In conclusion, hiring a cleaning professional increases the chances of you selling your home because it makes it looks more appealing on first impression. You may have the best home to sell but the fact that it has not been cleaned or cleaned properly may really demean your chances of selling that home. Nobody wants such a kind of disappointment and that’s why you need a cleaning professional.

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