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At Sugar Tree Cleaning Company, (located in Calgary) we choose eco-friendly products instead of the commercial chemicals cleaning methods. Any of our awesome customers receiving the cleaning services can be affected by chemicals, but also the friendly staff who use them to clean your home. We use organic and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to get your home sparkling clean every time.  Green cleaning improves the local and global environment. Here are reasons why you should stay away from chemicals and instead embrace green cleaning:


Unlike the chemical cleaning methods, green cleaning products are friendlier to waterways and environment since they break down much faster. Green products release few toxins if any. Unlike chemicals, green cleaning products are solvent free and leave your air clean and crystal clear.


Unlike the grocery store bought cleaners, green products tend to be much more cost effective. If you require any residential cleaning in Calgary, insist that your cleaners use green products. Green products are also economical in that they are gentle with your surfaces and fixtures. Detergent residue from chemical cleaning products can slowly, but surely, destroy your furniture, and can strip paint off your walls. Enviro-cleaners on the other hand, do not leave traces of residual deposits on your valuables and countertops!


Chemical based cleaning products are toxic. They release VOCs (also known as volatile organic compounds) into the air. These chemicals cause a poor quality environment due to polluted indoor air space. These VOCs cause extreme reactions such as respiratory, eye and skin irritations.  By going green with your cleaning products, you will be avoiding all the allergies and other conditions caused by VOCs.

Improved air quality in the office or home, leads to increased productivity since the staff will breathe better. Your home touch surfaces will be chemical free – with less chance of entering your body. This improves the health and well-being of your family and/or staff – which reduces visits to the doctor


By staying away from chemical based cleaning methods, you will be setting a healthy example for your children and/or staff. You will be creating environmental awareness practices that will see the global environment change and become a better place to live in.

Sugar Tree Cleaning Company has always had a more earth friendly and holistic cleaning approach. We strive to create real change in your home by ensuring that you have the least amount of chemicals floating in your air after cleaning. Our Cleaning Service are Really the Best in Town!