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If you like to read instructions or pay attention to the labels on your commercial cleaning products, then you must have noticed the “caution” or “warning” labels affixed on these bottles. These labels are required for a very specific reason. It means the contents of the bottles are poisonous and have adverse effects if spilled on your hands or inhaled. Have you considered moving away from chemicals to a more health conscious and safe cleaning practices?

Sugar Tree Cleaning Company located in Calgary Alberta is your cleaning partner when it comes to the use of high quality therapeutic essential oils for cleaning around your home. Here are a few tips for that are essential to cleaning any residential home in Calgary – they ensure you have a clean, germ-free and healthy home using essential oil cleaners!

  1. Floors

When mopping your floor, try adding 10 drops each of lemon and lavender essential oils in hot cleaning water.  These essential oils will have your floor spotless and, at the same time, kill various strains of bacteria and germs. These oils also give your house a fresh scent which is healthy to inhale.

  1. Air Purifiers

Did you know? Aerosol sprays contain poison and harmful agents that kill your nose and ability to smell. Members of the general public have been led to believe plugin containers will magically make the dust or odors go away. All this just to purify and clean the air in their homes and offices. You can make your own air freshener: take a cotton ball and soak it in in essential oil blends. Place this cotton ball in your AC vent. These blends will not only purify your air but also kill mold and fungus, airborne bacteria and viruses. They also remove pet odor and neutralize the smell of smoke in the house. TRY these for antibacterial properties & lifting smells in your home -> Clove, Eucalyptus, Oregano, or Peppermint!

  1. Hand health

In Calgary Sugar Tree Cleaning Company helps you clean your home with natural products, so you can rest easy knowing chemicals aren’t flying around while you sleep. Let’s make a chemical free hand wash; take your hand wash bottle and fill it up to 1/8th with an organic hand cleaning soap. Fill the rest of the bottle with fresh spring water or filtered water. Add 20 drops of Thieves essential oil and shake thoroughly until well mixed. Use this solution for all of your hand washing requirements. I like to sing the Happy Birthday song for the duration of the hand washing experience 🙂

Sugar Tree Cleaning Company in Calgary gives you solutions to all your home cleaning needs through the use of essential oils. You can easily and gradually get rid of all chemical cleaning agents from your home and replace them with high quality therapeutic essential oil cleaning blends. Pretty soon you will have turned your home into a green zone – happy & healthy and deliciously smelling too!